Local History - HA Support Materials

Overview of this module:

This module helps you develop the skills necessary to study local history. Every place, large or small, has its own history, and each place is unique. It might be very old, listed in Domesday Book in 1086 for instance, or even older - it might have a Roman, Saxon or Viking name! All the ‘A' Challenges focus on specific sources for local history - people, documents, maps or photographs - that will help you get to know the local area and what has happened there. The ‘B' Challenges build on this and encourage you to do your own local study, depending on your own interests and ideas.

The sources suggested here are not the only ones you might use. You might be able to find old maps or aerial photographs of your area, or there might be an active Local History Society that will be happy to help you. You might, as I did, go to a local coffee morning or old people's home and ask if anyone has old photographs or film of the area. It is amazing what turns up! Just be patient, and be prepared to follow up all kinds of leads. Try a letter to the local paper, saying your school is doing a local history project and asking for help. And of course the local library will have a Local Studies section with census data, trade directories, old newspapers and so on. Once you start you will be amazed at how much you can discover about your area.  Do have fun!



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