Principles of planning

The process of planning has been memorably described as a form of ‘professional wrestling’ because of the many brutal choices that it routinely requires: choices about what to include (and what to leave out); about how much attention to give to those elements that have been selected; and about how best to structure them to promote students’ learning.  The resources contained in these sections will help teachers to think about all the different elements that are involved in the development of historical knowledge and understanding and about the choices that teachers need to make about how those elements are combined and sequenced most effectively – within individual lessons, across enquiry sequences and schemes of work, and over the course of the key-stage or whole-school curriculum maps (from Year 7 to Year 13!).   

Overview & Depth

Disciplinary concepts

Substantive Knowledge

Using enquiry questions

Diversity in the past

Controversial issues

Progression & Assessment

Triumphs Show

Using historical scholarship