Webinar series: Developing confident readers and writers in the history classroom and beyond

HA webinar series for secondary teachers

Students and teachers can perceive literacy, particularly the challenges of extended reading and writing, to be a barrier to enjoyment of and success in history. Repeated lockdowns over the past two years have, despite teachers’ most creative and dedicated responses to remote learning, made it even harder to help children become confident readers and writers, and the impact of this is being felt in classrooms across the country.

In this series of webinars, Rachel Lewin will draw on her experience as Head of Department for both English and History to offer practical ways in which teachers can rebuild and develop students’ confidence at word, sentence, paragraph and whole text levels. The sessions will bring together recent instructional approaches to writing, reading and explicit vocabulary teaching with rich practitioner discussion from the pages of Teaching History about the disciplinary literacy needed for powerful historical thinking. Far from being a barrier, extended reading offers the opportunity to immerse students of all prior abilities in story, sources and historical scholarship, while structured approaches to essay-writing can empower them to express conceptual understanding and analytical thinking with increasing sophistication and enthusiasm.


Session 1: History teachers as teachers of reading*
23 September 2021, 4pm–5pm

Step by step approaches to building students’ confidence as readers, opening doors to fascinating stories and powerful historical thinking.

Session 2: From readers to writers
6 October 2021, 4pm–5pm

Modelling fluent historical writing through the use of scholarship and close reading in the classroom.

Session 3: The power of words
10 November 2021, 4pm–5pm

Exploring a range of approaches to explicit vocabulary teaching to help readers unlock complex ideas and writers express their understanding with precision.

Session 4: The creative building blocks of writing
18 November 2021, 4pm–5pm

From clause to sentence to paragraph to essay: how to scaffold writing fluency to enable sophisticated expression of historical thinking.

Session 5: Overcoming the fear of the blank page
1 December 2021, 4pm–5pm

A passion for planning; how students can use mind maps, tables and scribbled notes to empower them to launch confidently into structured, cohesive essays with a clear line of argument.

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