History is the province of the ladies: the revolutionary correspondence of Hannah Winthrop and Mercy Otis Warren

Age of Revolutions Teacher Fellowship outcomes and resources

This resource pack contains ten simplified letters from the correspondence of Mercy Otis Warren and her friend Hannah Winthrop during the American Revolution. This pack also includes biographies, a link and copy of a digital timeline contextualising the placement of the letters, guided explanatory notes, an overarching enquiry question for use with all the sources, and questions for use of the individual sources, should teachers wish to only use extracts from selected letters.

This resource was written by Chelsey G Ll David, Head of Humanities, The International School, d’Overbroeck’s and and Teacher Fellow of the Historical Association. It is aimed for use in teaching at sixth form.

All of the letters reproduced in this resource can be found in the online archive of the Massachusetts Historical Society, who have preserved and digitalised the Winthrop–Warren correspondence which can be found online in its entirety via the link below. The work completed here was possible thanks to the Massachusetts Historical Society.

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