History in Academies: A view

History in Academies

By Author: Melanie Jones. Web Editor: Simon Brown, published 21st September 2011

In this unit, Mel Jones takes a journey into history in academies through this snapshot case-study of history in one single south London academy that appears to buck the trend of poor status and time allocation for history in academies as evidenced by th Historical Association surveys into history in secondary schools 2009-11. How did this academy secure this perhaps less common status for history? Do you teach in an academy? How does your experience compare? We want to hear from you. Please see the contact details at the end of this unit to see how you can share your experience of academy history.

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History in Academies

  • Introduction
  • So where does history fit in?
  • GCSE
  • A-Level History
  • Observations
  • Teaching and Learning: Lesson Resources
  • Interview on history in Academies with Claire Buxton (Part 1)
  • Interview on history in Academies with Claire Buxton (Part 2)
  • Tell us your experience of teaching in an Academy...