A6: Homosexual Rights Profiles

Oscar Wilde


Born: 1854

Died: 1900

Nationality: Irish

Occupation: Writer and poet

1884: Marries Constance Lloyd

Children: 2

By 1895: c. 20 works have been published

1895: Arrested and put on trial for "gross indecency". Convicted and sentenced to 2 years hard labour.

1900: dies in France.


Alan Turing



Born: 1912

Died: 1954 (Suicide)

Nationality: British

Occupation: Mathematician, code-breaker. Famous for breaking codes in World War II and being the father of the modern computer.

1952: Put on trial for homosexuality, Turing accepts treatment of a year of Oestrogen injections rather than prison.

1954: Found dead from cyanide poisoning


Duncan Lustig-Prean and Jeanette Smith

Lustig Prean: Born 1959

Smith: Born: 1966

Both British, Lustig Prean has Austrian/German background, Smith is from Scotland

Lustig Prean joined Navy in 1979.

1994: Lustig Prean had reached the rank of commander, but was arrested and dismissed for being gay.

Smith was a nurse in the RAF, but was discharged in 1994 despite having signed up for a further 4 years.

Both received a ruling and order of compensation payout in 1999 from the European Court of Human Rights.


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