Introduction to the ASDAN History Short Course

In line with its total commitment to History for All, the HA has, with ASDAN, developed a history course that is accessible, yet challenging. This new course is now available for teaching. ASDAN style ‘challenges' fit closely with the HA's vision of history as ‘enquiry' and provide genuine opportunities for students to ‘do' history and offers a viable alternative to GCSE or entry level as well as working as a stand alone unit for students who may not have continued their study of history with the opportunity to do so in an accessible way.

The six modules on offer have been designed to build into a coherent whole, offering options in Local, British, European and World history. Each individual challenge also helps develop one of the concepts and/or skills introduced by the History National Curriculum. They give scope for teachers and/or students to follow their own interests and ideas, yet enough guidance and support to make the activities challenging.

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