A2: Talk to someone in your local area

Talk to someone who has lived in your local area for a long time.

Sometimes it helps to use an old photograph as a prompt. This one shows one of the water pumps in the village in use.



What things might you ask someone about this photograph? How does it help you find out about what it was like to live in the village long ago?

Possible questions prompted by the photograph include:

How long have you lived in this village?

Did you go to school in the village?

Did you work in the village?

Were there any shops or pubs in the village?

When did you get your first telephone?

When did your house get electricity?

Did you have an inside toilet?

Do you know who this lady is?

Where did she live?

Did everyone in the village use this water pump? Or were there others? Do you know where they were?

Is the pump still there today?

When did houses get taps?

How else has the village changed?

What do you think are the biggest changes in the village in your lifetime?

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