Cunning Plan 190: Using art to make A-level history more accessible

Teaching History feature

By Gemma Hargraves, published 19th April 2023

Cunning Plan... for using art to make A-level history more accessible

Many pupils love the Horrible Histories books, television programmes and songs. Over the years a number of A-level pupils have proudly told me that it was Horrible Histories that sparked their love of the subject, and they are quick to recite the songs word for word! But it is also the images that make the series hugely appealing. I myself grew up reading Horrible Histories and the accessible text and use of humour, interspersed with drawings, made them irresistible. Now as an A-level teacher I try to entice pupils into revolutionary France by harnessing some of the joy and engagement that Horrible Histories provide and get pupils as excited about the work of Jacques-Louis David as they are about that of Terry Deary...

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