South Africa – National Elections 2024

Published: 3rd June 2024

Over the last 150 years South Africa has often been in the news. Its history is one that is marked with conflict, political prejudice and violence. For decades it was known for its inhumane political model of apartheid followed by one of political change and openness. For the last decade its politics seems to have made the news due to accusations of corruption and ineptitude.

Throughout the years of apartheid and those of political freedom a key feature was the political party of the African National Congress – the ANC. However, that constant reliable force is no longer the deliverer of hope that it once was. At the end of May 2024, the people of South Africa had a national election and for the first time the ANC has not had an overwhelming majority. For many nations the change in governing power/party is simply the normal back and forth swing of a democratic process, but for South Africa democracy is still relatively new and changes in power or party have often been seismic.

As we watch the events in South Africa unfold and hope that it will be a time of positive change, we thought we could bring you up to date on what the turbulent modern history of South Africa has been.